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plan b

Plan B – which always works!

Plan B also known as Levonorgestrel is a hormonal pill used to prevent occurrence of unwanted pregnancy. This method never fails to give desired results even when used after unprotected sexual intercourse. However, the consumption of pill should not be too delayed when the regular contraception methods fails.

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Understanding Plan B Mechanism

The Levonorgestrel hormone used in Plan B pills is similar to the hormones progesterone and norgestrel. This medicines causes thickening of cervical mucus and endometrium as a result of which motility of sperms inside the womb become slower. Even if the egg is fertilized, it cannot get implanted into thickened uterine lining.

Plan B - Dosage - it’s a matter of perfect timing

Plan B contraceptive is highly effective if taken within 72 hours after the unprotected sex. The first tablet of 0.75 mg is to be taken as early as possible after the sexual intercourse. After 12 hours, second tablet of 0.75 gm is to be consumed. If vomiting is experienced after taking any one of the tablets, one more tablet is to be consumed. If previous period is normal, dosage can be administered during menses.

Plan B medication- warnings and precautions

Although Levonorgestrel can be taken during menses, application is not advised since it can cause complications in the periods. It should be noted that Plan b is not a substitute to regular contraceptive methods and should be used only when emergency occurs. This medicine excretes to the breast milk. Hence it should be taken after breastfeeding to prevent possible impact on the baby. After taking the pills, breastfeeding should be avoided.

This medicine should not be taken if pregnancy is confirmed. Similarly, if conditions such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, fibroids or pelvic inflammatory diseases are present, use of this medicine is discouraged. Prior consultation with doctor should be made if there is history of heart troubles, kidney and liver malfunctions, blood clotting disorder or diabetes.

Plan B - perceived side effects

Common side effects of Plan B medicine includes nausea, dizziness, delayed period and irregular Pap smear bleeding. Abdominal pain and breast tenderness may also be experienced.