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Misoprostol - an effective medication for safe and secure medical abortion

In addition to the traditional surgical abortion options, many medicines and pills are available nowadays to aid women get rid of unwanted pregnancy. These techniques require neither the surgical tools nor the dizzying anesthesia. The pills which bring about abortion are mostly safe and approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). Unlike surgical abortion methods, abortion pills do not cause any harm to a woman’s life. Except for causing a few temporary side effects, they do not permanently damage a woman’s fertility.

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Mechanism of Misoprostol-how it works?

Misoprostol is usually administered to prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcers. These peptic ulcers occur when deterioration of gut lining is caused by reduced secretion of prostaglandin. This medication contains misoprostol which imitates the functions carried out by prostaglandin. Contraction of uterus which happens in this process indicates initial step of abortion. Eventually, it brings about complete termination of pregnancy.

How to purchase Misoprostol Online?

These abortion medicines are easily available in online as well as offline pharmacies and drugstores. They are available at affordable rates. Prescription instructions must be followed for consumption.

Essential dosage instructions : Misoprostol

In the first trimester of pregnancy 4 pills of 200mcg each (Total 800mcg) are to be administered orally, bucally or vaginally. If abortion doesn’t occur within 12 hours, dose is to be repeated. In second trimester dosage of 2 pills of 200mg (Total 400mcg) is sufficient. In third trimester only one pill of 200mg is necessary to cause abortion.

Misoprostol: Precautionary measures

Medications like Misoprostol should not be used if you are nursing your infant. Side effects like dizziness, rashes or headache wane after some time and require no additional medicines for treatment.