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Ladygra - an ultimate key to feminine pleasure

Ladygra is one of the best medicinal treatments available for the feminine sexual dysfunction problem. It not only allows women to reach the greatest ejaculate but also enhances their sexual drive. Being an effective remedy against the lack of interest in women, it helps them to start a new chapter in their sexual lives.

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Mechanism - How Ladygra works?

Many factors like stress, inexperience, psychological problems contribute to impotency problem in women. They reduce blood supply to female genitals and cause lack of interest in sexual activity. Ladygra which has Sildenafil citrate as its main component improves functioning of female reproductive organs by simply enhancing blood supply inside the vagina. As a result, time taken to ejaculate increases and the women experiences the greatest delight in her life.

Best dosage of Ladygra

Ladygra is available in form of 100mg tablet which is to be consumed orally with glassful of water. The pill is to be consumed forty five minutes before engaging into erotic behavior. The medicine has prolonged effects lasting for 4 to 6 hours.

How to purchase Ladygra?

Ladygra can be easily purchased from any online pharmacies at reasonable prices. It is a cost-effective option and ensures prompt delivery of medicine.

Safety and side effects

Not all women have problems with Ladygra. Occurrence of side effects depends on how well the body tolerates the medicine. Common side effects include dizziness, nasal congestion, diarrhea, facial eliminating and frustration. In case, these side effects worsen, it is necessary to seek emergency treatment.

It is advisable not to combine this pill along with alcohol, fatty acids or cigarette smoking. If women are utilizing nitrate medicines, supplementary medications or any prescription medicines, they should consult the doctor before using Ladygra.