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Generic Parlodel

Generic Parlodel - A panacea?

Generic Parlodel is an effective treatment against infertility and absence of periods in women. It is also used in a treatment against Parkinson’s disease. This medication stimulates central and peripheral D2-dopamine receptors which in turn block excessive secretion of the hormone prolactin. As a result, the periods get normalized, estrogen-progesterone balance is restored and secretion of growth hormone is reduced. This medication also works against growth hormone overproduction disorders like acromegaly, pituitary gland tumors and acromegaly.

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Generic Parlodel – Important Dosage directions

Generic Parlodel 2.5 mg pill is to be consumed in supine position. It is not advisable to rise immediately after intake of pill. This medication requires long term intake to fully manifest its effects. Thus, even if no positive results are experienced, it is urged to continue the prescribed dose. If a dose is missed, it is necessary to take the missed dose within 4 hours. If 4 hours have already passed, current intake can be skipped and regular schedule can be followed from the next day.

Generic Parlodel - Pay attention to precautions

This medication is not to be consumed in following conditions:-

  • Pregnancy
  • Liver and Kidney Disease
  • Heart and Circulation problems
  • Hypertension or hypotension
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Abdominal bleeding
  • Gestosis
  • Arterial hypertension after delivery
  • Endogenous psychosis
  • Ulcerative injuries of gastrointestinal tract

This medicine interferes with driving skills and ability to operate machinery. This medication should not be taken with alcohol, hypertension medicines or oral contraceptives.

Generic Parlodel-possible side effects

This medication has some side effects.

  • Abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Hypotension
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of coordination
  • Dizziness